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Robyn is a ROCKSTAR. Not to mention you’ll be completely charmed by her charismatic and bubbly personality. She was my first mentor and teacher in the design/advertising world. I still to this day incorporate design and presentation techniques that I learned while under her wing.

I thought it was so brave to go off and start her own company and when she launched her first line of products, all I could think was WOW. Everything was so unique, detailed and beautiful I couldn’t help but admire her freelance work and how she was handling her brand. I still check in regularly to see what kind of new design techniques and fun products she comes up with.

It takes a very hardworking and dedicated person to push themselves beyond the comfort of a 9-5, but she took it on (what seemed like to me) effortlessly.

Anyone would be lucky to learn from Robyn’s vast knowledge on applying her design skills to her growing business. I’d be lying if I said I’d be where I was today without her supervision and guidance when I was such a new baby in the world of design.