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what if you could learn to design and launch your own business in ONE streamlined course? that would be pretty amazing, right?

well, guess what, my friend! that is EXACTLY what we’re doing right here at the loft + co!

i’m launching an awesome new, all-in-one DESIGN + BUSINESS course that will do just that.

after nearly 20 years of being a designer, and having a love for teaching (that i’ve yet to fulfill, until now!), i’m creating the course of all courses.

i’m taking my exact design process and pro techniques i’ve learned along the way, and packaging them up in a pretty little package to make it super easy for you to learn not just how to design, but how to put your new skills to work right away.

this course will take you from the verrrrrry beginning starting with design basics, all the way to building a product line or portfolio, to launching your very own biz, like a boss.

here’s a peek at what you’ll learn in the course:

module 01: design basics
module 02: adobe apps
module 03: brand basics
module 04: production skills
module 05: business blueprint
module 06: portfolio or product line builder
module 07: the business of design
module 08: launch party!

i’m so stinkin’ excited about this and hope you are too! there’s tons more to come, so GET ON THE LIST! and be the first to know when we’re open for enrollment and grab a fun freebie that gets the design biz ideas flowing!

seriously. if you’ve wanted to learn the ropes of design and launching your own design business, you’re going to love this.

pssst…our founder members are getting some serious love in the form of discounts, freebies, and more! GET ON THE LIST!

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